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dc.contributor.authorVala, Jorge (coord.)-
dc.contributor.authorESS Core Scientific Team-
dc.identifier.citationVala, Jorge (coord.) & ESS Core Scientific Team (2020): ESS 4 - European Social Survey 2008 & country-specific data, Portugal. Arquivo Português de Informação Social, Lisboa. APIS0052, <>pt_PT
dc.descriptionPara uma descrição completa do estudo,
dc.description.abstractThis database integrates the portuguese part of ESS Round 4 - European Social Survey 2008 - with country-specific variables, which were only applied in Portugal. These variables are related with the subjects of the multi-country survey and have been elaborated by the portuguese research team. “The survey (…) includes questions on a variety of core topics repeated from previous rounds of the survey and also two modules developed for Round Four covering Experiences and Expressions of Ageism and Welfare attitudes in a changing Europe.” (from ESS website)pt_PT
dc.description.abstractEsta base de dados integra a parte portuguesa do ESS Round 4 - European Social Survey 2008 - com as variáveis específicas nacionais que foram apenas aplicadas em Portugal. Estas variáveis estão relacionadas com os módulos temáticos do ESS Round 4 e foram elaboradas pela equipa de investigação portuguesa.pt_PT
dc.subjectsocial valuespt_PT
dc.subjectsocial exclusionpt_PT
dc.subjectnational identitypt_PT
dc.subjectlife coursept_PT
dc.subjectageism and welfarept_PT
dc.titleESS 4 - European Social Survey 2008 & country-specific data, Portugalpt_PT
dc.title.alternativeESS 4 - Inquérito Social Europeu 2008 com as variáveis específicas nacionais, Portugalpt_PT
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